Red's Victreebel
Trainer Red
Gender Male♂
Caught At Route 24
Current Location Kanto
Status Red's Starting Six
Games LeafGreen


Kanto (LeafGreen)Edit

As a Bellsprout, he was caught on Route 24 following Red's victory over the nugget bridge challenge. Bellsprout became the first Pokémon personally caught by Red, after much trial and error. Bellsprout joined Red's team, as Red was at a sevre disadvantage to face Misty, the water-type master, of the Cerulean City gym, as he only had his Charmeleon .

Red and Bellsprout trained alot around the surrounding areas of Cerulean City, which didn't best suit Bellsprout as most of his attacks did little damage to the flying-type Pokémon native to the area. After much detemination however Bellsprout pulled through and evolved into Weepinbell, intime to fight Misty. At the Cerulean City gym, Weepinbell proved to be too much for Misty's water Pokémon and he came through easily.

Weepinbell continued to be an important part of Red's team throughout his journey through Virmilion City and Lavender Town, especially when Red was faced with Rock and Water-type Pokémon (which was frequently the case during Red's travel through Rock Tunnel).

Just before Reds battle against Sabrina in Saffron City, Weepinbell learnt the Razor Leaf attack and evolved into Victreebel, with the aid of the leaf stone. Victreebel then assisted in the battle which saw Red win his fifth gym badge.

Victreebel continued to be used as Reds trump-card against most ground and water type Pokémon for the remainder of his time collecting the rest of the gym badges. Victreebel was then used by Red against the Elite Four where it proved to be an asset against Blue's Blastoise and Lance's Gyrados.

Victreebel was officially inducted into the hall of fame for being one of the Pokémon used by Red in his victory in the Pokémon League.


As a Bellsprout, Weepinbell had an extremely determined personality, training hard and finally evolving in time to face Misty and the Cerulean City gym. This determination has been a noticable present even after it's evolution.

Weepinbell, so determined to defeat the gym leader of Saffron City, allowed Red to evolve him into his final evolution, Victreebel. Victreebel inherited most of the traits of his former evolution, although he seems more relaxed and assured in his abilities now.