Red's Hypno
Trainer Red
Gender Male♂
Caught At Route 11
Current Location Kanto
Status Red's Starting Six
Games LeafGreen


Kanto (LeafGreen)

Hypno was intially caught as a Drowzee around Route 11 by Red . Drowzee became the second Pokémon caught personally by Red. At first Drowzee struggled during training, and needed a lot of nurturing and assistance from the other members of Red's team to develop it's strength. During these early days however, Red did not give up on Drowzee.

Red was rewarded when Drowzee evolved into Hypno during a training session in Diglett Cave. This was subsequently the first Pokémon of Red's to fully evolve.

Hypno became much more able than those early days, where he proved himself by single-handedly defeating Lt. Surge of the Vermilion City gym, and then moving on to record more wins over trainers aswell as featuring prominently in Red's victory over Blue aboard the S.S Anne.

Hypno's psychic abilities proved invaluable when Red was faced with the fighting dojo in Saffron City, with Hypno managing to defeat the dojo master's Pokémon with considerable ease.

Hypno was relied upon heavily by Red when facing the Elite Four where it nearly took down all of Agatha's ghost-type Pokémon single-handedly. It's sleep inducing powers were also effective when Red had to use superior tactics to defeat Lance and his dragon Pokémon.

Hypno was officially inducted into the hall of fame for being one of the Pokémon used by Red in his victory in the Pokémon League.


As a Drowzee, Hypno seemed to almost be too relaxed for battling, lacking the speed and pace to keep up with Red's other Pokémon. However, he underwent a large change as he evolved into Hypno. Hypno's lax nature now manifested itself as caution and intelligence, as he became more serious and focused. Hypno appeared as an almost guru of Red's team, taking a deliberate and tacticle approach to battling, preferring to use it's hypnosis ability to lull the opponent asleep before a ruthless attack, or using it's psychic skills to confuse it's opponents, rather than relying on outwardly agressive attacks.