Red's Hitmonchan
Trainer Red
Gender Male
Caught At Saffron City
Current Location Kanto
Status Red's PC
Games LeafGreen


Kanto (LeafGreen)

Hitmonchan was given to Red by the dojo master of the Saffron City dojo gym, as a reward for defeating all of the black belts inside aswell as Hitoshi, the dojo master, himself.

Hitmonchan was added to Red's team, where his ability to learn all the elemental punches (Fire Punch, Thunder Punch and Ice Punch), convinced Red that he could be a valuable addition to the team. Hitmonchan was also itching to get some real battle experience after spending most of his time training in the dojo.

Hitmonchan proved his worth in a battle against Giovanni at the Team Rocket headquarters, using his elemental punches to knock most of Giovanni's Pokémon out.

Hitmonchan was later stored in Red's PC.


Hitmonchan is an extremely focused worker. He trains almost religiously and is constantly seeking to push himself to the limit in ever battle. His hardy nature means that he is difficult to tire which sometimes leads to burning himself out if he constantly trains without a break, although this is often caused by Hitmonchan himself, neglecting his fatigue.