Red's Dragonite
Trainer Red
Gender Male♂
Caught At Celadon City
Current Location Kanto
Status Red's Starting Six
Games LeafGreen


Kanto (LeafGreen)

Dratinis are rare in the Kanto region, with many beliving them to be extinct. That was until a small colony was discovered. This colony however, came under attack at one point by Team Rocket, who stole several Dratinis and use them as prizes in their casino at Celadon City.

Red came across Dratini there. Determined to safe him, Red spent most of his money collecting the necessary amount of coins required to purchase the Dratini from the game corner reward store. After finally rescuing Dratini, Dratini wanted to repay Red before returning to it's colony, and thus it has became the fourth Pokémon of Red's team.

Dratini faired well in the battle between Red and Blue at Pokémon Tower, taking down both Blue's Pidgeot and Growlithe. Soon after the battle against Blue, Dratini evolved into Dragonair. As a reward, Red taught Dragonair it's signiture move, Hyper Beam.

Dragonire continued to be a regular pillar of Red's team throughout his time retrieving the eight gym badges of Kanto and stropping Team Rocket. After making it through Victory Road, Dragonair eventually evolved into Dragonite, a testimony to Dragonites loyalty to Red and Red's ability as a Pokémon trainer.

Dragonite was the first Pokémon Red used when facing the Elite Four, it was however taken down intially by Lorelei's ice type Pokémon. It fared better against the rest of the Elite Four and it's electric attacks came in especially useful against Blue's Pigeot, whom Dragonite defeated in one shock.

Dragonite was officially inducted into the hall of fame for being one of the Pokémon used by Red in his victory in the Pokémon League.


As Dratini, he had a somewhat mischievous personality, although it remained, as most Dratini, shy and elusive around people. It did however seem to have a strong sense of honour, in it's want to repay Red for rescuing it from the game corner.

This personality remained following Dratini's evolution into Dragonaire, although this time, it began to feel more confident in it's abilities. Dragonair began to show a strong bond of loyalty to Red, and this cultivated in it evolving into Dragonite prior to Red fighting the Elite Four of the Pokémon League.