Red's Charizard
Trainer Red
Gender Male♂
Caught At Pallet Town
Current Location Kanto
Status Red's Starting Six
Games LeafGreen


Kanto (LeafGreen)

Charizard was the starter and first Pokémon owned by Red . Red recieved Charizard as a Charmander from Professor Oak. Charmander intially lost it's first battle against Blue's Squirtle, and this may have spurred Charmander on right from the start.

Red left Pallet Town to start his journey to Pokémon greatness with just Charmander at his side. Charmander trained long and hard along the routes to Pewter City, determined to defeat Brock, despite his apparent type disadvantage. The training paid off when Charmander evolved into Charmeleon and learnt the metal claw attack, which proved to be vital in Red's victory over Brock and the aquisition of the boulder badge.

Charmeleon managed to gain redemption over Blue when he defeated all of Blue's four Pokémon rooster near nugget bridge. Charmeleon continued to be Red's sole Pokémon up until the capture of Bellsprout near Cerulean City. Charmeleon was held back from the battle against Misty, due to her water-type Pokémon having a clear advantage over Charmeleon. Charmeleon was vital to the victory Red had over Blue again aboard the S.S Anne.

Charmeleon helped Red through Rock Tunnel and the training along the way obviously had a large effect on Charmeleon who soon evolved into Charizard just outside Celadon City. Charizard immediatly cemeted himself as one of Red's strongest Pokémon when he single-handedly defeated Celadon City gym leader, Erika. Charizard also used his fly ability to help transport Red and the team across Kanto.

Charizard proved himself once more when he unequivocally defeated Sabrinas Alakazam with ease to help Red win the marsh badge.

Charizard was used alot by Red as he gained the last of the badges and faced the Pokémon League. Charizard proved once again to be one of Red's strongest Pokémon when he was used against the Elite Four. Charizard got Red out of many tight situations including defeating most of Lorelei's ice Pokémon and Agathas ghost-types.

Charizard was officially inducted into the hall of fame for being one of the Pokémon used by Red in his victory in the Pokémon League.


As Red's first Pokémon, Charizard has been with him for his entire journey. This has lead to Charizard becoming fiercely loyal to Red. This was especially apparant during Red's early adventure in Kanto, where Charizard, as a Charmeleon would continue to obey Red despite the fact that Red lacked the necessary badges supposidly required to keep Charmeleon tame.

Charizard is also something of a 'gentle giant', displaying a bashful nature at times, despite him often being the most intimidating Pokémon in the vincinity.